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Millie Hill Houseboat For Sale

June 22, 2016
Millie Hill Houseboat For Sale

20′ MILLIE HILL HOUSEBOAT – $17795 (KETCHIKAN) Date: 2012-12-11, 4:20PM PST Reply to: see below SBL Editor note:  This is the first version of the Millie Hill by Devlin.  See design page.  See version two. 20′ X 8′ BARGE GALV TANDEM AXEL TRAILER 25 HP EVINRUDE VERY VERY LOW HOURS EPOXY SATURATED CONSTRUCTION BUILT BY SAM...
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Bolger Canal Houseboat

June 21, 2016
Bolger Canal Boat

Photos of a proposed Bolger canal boat from Bruce Holman, who said…”This simple, low horsepower, light weight 24 footer seems like it would make a great family comfortable camping cruising platform.  I think Bolger predicted 7.5hp would cruise at 6 mph, and he drew in a second motor mount because a second motor could...
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For Sale: Campjon “Shantyboat”

February 2, 2016
2005 16' Campjon shantyboat.clipular (2)

On Craigslist Tampa Bay: 2005 16′ Campjon shantyboat – $5900 (Crystal River) – February 2nd, 2016 listing. “Cool little camp cruiser.Removeable doors with full length cabin hatch which allows you to go bow to stern.Built of epoxy and plywood,this is a solid boat.Has head w/ legal pumpout,the cabin is huge for its size, lots of storage.Huge...
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Amazing Canvas Dinghies Plus

April 19, 2015

These folks have some amazing designs. Yes, they are lightweight, though that isn’t so much an issue on a shantyboat, but space certainly is.  The boats get small… very small.  Check all the videos for their various projects HERE!   You can buy plans HERE. On the site they say “Our mission is to offer...
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DIANNE’S ROSE – Plans Now Available

December 22, 2014

New Video – March 22, 2014  I thought Shanty Boat Living readers may be interested in an update on the “Mini” Houseboat I designed (congratulations on your one millionth view). I’m itching to do something boat related so thought I’d write you all. DIANNE’S ROSE was built to keep my wife happy, she was...
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Triloboats Shanty Design

November 9, 2014
trilo shanty

Dave Zeiger and Anke Wagner are truly living the shantyboat life.    Living in Alaska, their time on the water is limited to the warmer months, but their frugal and full life continues on land each winter.   Dave makes the most of his time on land, and shares his efforts online at http://www.triloboats.com/ and at http://abargeinthemaking.blogspot.com/ They’ve...
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February 27, 2014
folding camp5

Well, reports are in that the first build of the Mini CamperCruiser is complete and water tests are underway. The idea came from Craig Titmus, of Tasmania Australia, and he has now built the first example:   PortableBoatPlans.com and Duckworks Thanks to Shantyboatliving.com reporter Dan Hohman. Bryan LoweThe author of this post is also the editor...
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Shantyboat Hotel

September 17, 2013
Shantyboat Hotel

Rick Johnson has built a craft based upon a design by Phillip Thiel of Seattle Washington. The boat will be moored in Toledo, Oregon on the Yaquina River as a rental.  More are in the works! Check out the photo library. The YouTube clip says:  Toledo Boat Works launched a new boat Saturday, a...
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Plans: Huskie by Atkin

September 11, 2013

It’s a barge with a derrick. Leave the derrick off and you’d have a barge for a house of some sort. Some sort of structure. Thoughts? Huskie A 17′ 6″ Tunnel-Stern Derrick/Utility Scow By William Atkin An Inexpensive Utility Boat In all sheltered waters, the harbors, rivers, and lakes, there is a demand for...
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Ask Mr. Shantyboat: Where is Brandy Bar?

September 10, 2013
brandy bar transom 1

Today’s email question: I live in Portland and wonder if the Brandy Bar is still afloat and can she be seen? More directly, I’m trying to choose a design and the Brandy bar seems about right for me. Are plans available as a plywood build? I’m hope you won’t find my request too shallow,...
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