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Bryan Lowe
Seattle, Washington

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Life, as seen through boat building,
cranial operations, a family, and

The designer of Escargot is
Phil Thiel
4720 7th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Plans for Joli, a large version of the Escargot, are currently $120, while a set of plans for Escargot
& L'Ark (not available separately) are $150. I do not have a picture of the L'Ark at this time, but it is
a version of the Escargot with a roof with a very steep pitch, allowing standing head room in the
smaller design. In MY opinion, the Joli and the Escargot are wonderful looking boats, but I find
the L'Ark a little less appealing. Again, this is just my opinion. The plans are very good and
complete, perfectly suitable for people with few boat building skills.

Start Date: Beginning of March 2000.... and as I began, so did the Spring rains.  The garage is
filled with other things... so the driveway will have to do.  I have spent countless hours of pouring
over plans.  This really helps to understand how it all fits together.   Also, the dream is more than
half the fun.

Diary Entry 1  My dreams

Diary Entry 2  Motor mess

Diary Entry 3  April, the frame takes shape

Diary Entry 4  May, June, July, and the flip

Diary Entry 5  To December.... distractions

Diary Entry 6  It's been a year and I see progress

Diary Entry 7  It works!   Pictures of launch day

Diary Entry 8  Cost? Ack! And some living in the now.

Diary Entry 9  Almost ready for the boat show.

Diary Entry 10 A flyer for the boat show.  Translates poorly to web.

Diary Entry 11 The boat show... and drifting to sleep. Plus new pics!

Diary Entry 12  River dreams come true.

Diary Entry 13  Father and son on a journey on the Snohomish.


Diary Entry 21 (there is no 14-20!) Father and son on a journey on the Skagit. Day One.

Diary Entry 22 Father and son on a journey on the Skagit. Day Two.

Diary Entry 23 Father and son on a journey on the Skagit. Day Three.

Another Boat?


Still thinking on my next boat.

Why a shantyboat? 12/13/2008

Life in Payne Hollow, and a life of balance. 12/18/2008

I built Escargot, an English Canal boat.   It is about 18 feel long and six feet wide.  I have built one
small boat before.  I am not an expert, a perfectionist, or a neat freak, nor do I have a garage filled
with tools.  In fact, I built this boat in my driveway under a bunch of needle and insect dropping
trees... in the midst of the Seattle rains.   I freely share my errors, the "distractions" that is the rest
of life, and my feelings about this boat and what is going on as I build it.   My hope is that it will
provide you with inspiration.  If I can build a boat... YOU can build a boat.