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Klaus Launches a Beauty!

Klaus launches his Escargot inspired boat after years of work!  Note that we've done a bunch of stories about Klaus and his project.   [youtube]  

Klaus Builds His Boat

Klaus Silbernagel continues the build of his Escargot variant.   Follow along on his webcam in Germany. [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] Live...

Building: Fairing Frames

Now this is clever. How do you fair frames and chine logs in order to get the hull panels to fit?   Watch, learn, use. In...

Steambox for bending wood

From YouTube: " A styrofoam steambox is quickly built, stabel on bench and extremely heat insulating and therefore less energy consuming." [youtube]

Joli Boat inspired Sofi

A website about a canal boat that could be quite suitable for the shantyboat lifestyle. "For quite some time, I have been searching for a...

From the Same Cloth

Presenting the Haber 20 mini Reporter: And.. A few boats we've featured in the past: First, a design from Phil Theil, his Friendship: Then, a design it...

Turning Wooden Bars

Klaus shows us how to create our own dowels with Veritas® Dowel cutter. [youtube]

Building a Houseboat Video Series

An amazing time-lapse series of videos of a canal boat/Shantyboat. His workshop tips.   The Design.  Note that his designs draw strong inspiration from the...

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