Triloboat Enclosed Cockpit

From Facebook: ┬áThe problem is several-fold: 1) How to comfortably cover the cockpit without giving it a “closed in” feel, and yet keep weather back and water off; 2) How to provide for access-attachment points for control lines as the boat becomes rigged for sail; 3) How to readily access the main cabin deck and forward deck as needed, without unnecessary complication and without leaving a big weather-hole always there on the forward side of the covered cockpit. We devised a simple sliding hatch (two rails with notches) and a removable door–all faced with transparent hard plastic.




The access way can be opened at need–as in anchoring or under slow, unsailed passages through narrow ways–and is easy and simple to latch closed when normally underway.

Originally posted 2015-06-30 07:21:09.

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