Sideways Murphy Bed

I don’t like built in furniture in a boat as I think it limits your options, but one major exception is the BED.   Why “waste” so much space during the day?   Make a murphy bed.   This one is pretty basic… and heavy.. so a kit may work if you feel the need. Many boats might not have enough height, so consider mounting the bed on it’s side.

From Instructables:

Picture of Wall Bed
13, 4:13 PM.jpg
I decided to make a wall bed (Murphy bed) to save space and double as an office. This is for a full size bed.
2×8 – 12 ft (If I did it again I would have gotten 2×10)
2×4 – 10 ft
8in gate hinges – 2
Size 14 screws for gate – 8
Size 14 bolts and nuts – 2
3″ screws
A full size bunk bed frame

Originally posted 2015-05-05 20:51:34.

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