BBQ Donut Boat

So what, exactly, is a BBQ Donut? It’s odd… it’s clever… it gets one thinking… ok, it’s really odd:

The bbq-donut® – the unique leisure experience and the business expansion for your site!

The bbq-donut® is a circular boat (sports boat authorization is granted), in the middle of which a standard charcoal grill is used serially.

There are places for 9-10 persons who may float along the water, driven by an electrical outboard engine (bbq-donut® “e-power”) or a 5 HP fuel outboard engine (bbq-donut® “g-power”) while having a barbeque. The bbq-donut® may be driven by anyone even without boat licence.

Under the seats are 6 storage compartments enabling the passengers to take enough food to grill. By means of a large offer of accessories, the bbq-donut® may be individualized. Among others, there is a sound system, an RGB screen lightening or even a lying area (instead of the seats).

It is already used successfully on all continents in more than 26 countries.

The main fields of application of the bbq-donut® are:

  • Pools and lakes
  • boat rentals (existing or start-ups)
  • Leisure parks
  • Camping sites
  • Hotels or restaurants with direct access to water

There, the bbq-donut® will be used for following events
and mostly rented by the hour:

  • Birthday parties
  • Stag parties
  • Association meetings
  • Family trips
  • Company celebrations
  • Schoolings
  • Special events
  • etc.

Originally posted 2015-05-17 06:41:26.

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