Amazing Canvas Dinghies Plus

These folks have some amazing designs. Yes, they are lightweight, though that isn’t so much an issue on a shantyboat, but space certainly is.  The boats get small… very small.  Check all the videos for their various projects HERE!   You can buy plans HERE.

Stasha under oars.clipular

On the site they say “Our mission is to offer clever, easy to stow versatile products that are stable, fun and above all, easy to build. We care about the environment so all our designs use the minimum of materials which can be sourced locally.”

What has inspired ME is this little folding trailer.  Hmm, how could we use this on a small shanty?  A micro-shanty?




An entire folding shantyboat?

Check all the videos for their various projects HERE!   You can buy plans HERE.

Originally posted 2015-04-19 18:07:10.

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