Shantyboat Built in 3.5 months!

Scott Ferguson sent me news of his latest boat build, and it’s pretty slick!

“This project is a motor camper for 2 persons with galley and head to be powered by a small outboard motor or a trolling motor. Overall dimensions are about 15 feet x 6 feet which includes the platform behind the transom which will hold the battery and motors and simplify mooring at the stern. Solar panels will be mounted on the roof to charge the battery and provide additional power to the trolling motor. The outboard motor (2.5hp 4-cycle Suzuki) should push a boat this size and weight (about 1500 lb) about 8-10 mph. The trolling motor (55lb thrust Minn Kota Endura Maxx) should push it about 3-5 mph. Testing will need to be done to verify these numbers which would be affected by currents, winds and amount of sunlight available and battery charge in the case of the trolling motor. The solar panels used are 12+% efficient frameless 77 watt thin-film (cadmium-telluride), the charge controller is a 30 amp MPPT type which is 97% efficient and the battery is a 12 volt EverStart 115ah, 105rc (105 minutes to discharge state at constant load of 25 amps) flooded lead acid battery. The Minn Kota motor draws about 55 amps at maximum speed so I would expect a run time of about 45 minutes with no help from the solar panels. Run time would be longer if a slower setting is used and/or current is available from the solar panels. It would be interesting to see if running at 40-50% speed on a sunny day would not deplete the battery (assuming that about 25 amps are being produced by the solar panels and being fed to the battery by the charge controller.) To extend run time, a second battery could be added – but then the batteries may take longer to recharge once depleted.”

It all starts with a paper model.   Get things right here, as the materials are cheaper and it goes a lot more quickly!

Camping Boat.clipular

Editor says: He made his own cheap clamps.. and they seem to have worked. I’d seen this design before, but didn’t know if they’d work. – Bryan

Camping Boat.clipular (1)

Camping Boat.clipular (2)

Here, the hull is completed:

Camping Boat.clipular (3)

Camping Boat.clipular (4)

The cabin is insulated:

Camping Boat.clipular (5)


Comforts of home indoors:

Camping Boat.clipular (6)

Camping Boat.clipular (7)


And the completed boat, in the shop, and on its maiden voyage.

Camping Boat.clipular (8)

Camping Boat.clipular (9)

Scott says, “BTW this was about a 3-1/2 month project start to finish so not so long a project for anyone wishing to try it.”

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Scott Ferguson

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