World of Tom Sawyer, German Style


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Imagine, it’s summer. They sit on a raft, straw in mouth, straw hat on his head. Let your left foot dangling in the cool water with the right foot, you hold a fishing rod between the toes. You feel like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

A feeling of freedom and independence, you passed through. You have arrived at yourself and in nature.

Whether young or old – each of us has dreamed this dream before. Dream? We make this dream a reality with our Tom Sawyer boats! To slide out of the idea of ​​logs tied together and a Stakstange over the lakes, boats were made with the correct character raft.

Tom Sawyer with the boats natural Wasserfahrzeue were created that previously did not exist in their appearances, equipment and their driving characteristics.

It was developed 3 types of boats that are perfectly suitable for both private as well as commercial customers.
, the natural water tourism takes on a whole new dimension with our Tom Sawyer boats.

If we can convince you of that sense of infinite freedom, then please contact us.”   Website

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