Winter Aboard: Insulated Flooring Idea

From YOUTUBE:  How to make a simple insulated floor for your boat. Insulation and cushion make for a cozy winter cabin aboard Elizabeth.

Living Aboard- Insulated Winter Floor Installation - YouTube.clipular

Originally posted 2016-02-29 08:08:32.

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  1. PLEASE NOTE—- that open flame shown in the video contributes a significant amount of moisture to the air in the boat – water vapor is a major by product of combustion.

    Also note that an open flame can, if the flame or burner goes out of adjustment produce carbon monoxide – high levels can kill – lower levels can cause permanent health and cognitive disabilities. 

    Even if the flame and burner stay in adjustment, if it burns long enough, the carbon dioxide can build to the point where there is insufficient oxygen to bong with the carbon and result in jigh levels of carbon monoxide.

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