Wheeled Mini “Water Bed”

Thanks to ShantyboatLiving.com “reporter” Dave Shemano.



If you long for an adventure like Huckleberry Finn might take, but want better accommodations than a plank of wood, Royal College of Art graduate Daniel Durnin has got just the thing. The Water Bed, featured at SustainRCA 2015, is meant to offer a break from the busy shuffle of urban life, without leaving much of an impact on the environment. The Water Bed is as mobile as a tent, but not as flimsy—and it has the ability to take you down a river while you sleep.

“I hope that the work will reawaken our connection with nature using the waterways as a catalyst and restore balance to the more networked living space that we now inhabit, not just in London but across the globe,” Durnin told Inhabitat.

Durnin modeled his creation after his own experiences of living on a boat. The sheltered area has windows that can be opened and closed, and there are even drapes for privacy in case you find yourself passing some particularly nosey wildlife.

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Originally posted 2016-07-17 14:31:45.

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