A Whale of a Project: Carawhale

You’ve perhaps heard of the Ocean Explorer Puddle boat?    It’s an ingenious design by Perttu Korhonen and Michael Storer.   Well, Pertu is at it again with Carawhale…. part camper… part boat.

Here is his design….

And the build so far…



See More Pictures

Originally posted 2011-12-06 23:20:38.

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  1. Hi

    I live quite north, so we have long and dark winters. I´s good to have some project to go over dark season.

    With this one I have several thoughts, that there is no mean to build this. But maybe that is the reason I start to build it anyhow. Original idea was to build caravan module to my boat trailer. After a while I want to make it so that it can be used on water too – let´s go camping to that island.

    Looks funny – maybe it will finally end to kind play cottage.


    • I really like the idea of your small craft so do you think you will be working up a set of drawings for it?

      I think it’s cute and it’s shape and low weight should make it easy to tow. Hmmm maybe an 11 footer?


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