Wes Modes TV Story

Each year Wes goes out in his shanty he gets the press involved.. to our benefit, as well as his.   I’ll share the best of them.

Here’s a sample from a story from www.ksdk.com/

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Docked at Volunteer Landing at Knoxville’s downtown waterfront this week is a 20-foot “shantyboat” that looks all the world like a backwoods cabin perched atop a barge.

The vessel was built by Wes Modes, a Santa Cruz, Calif., artist and river rat who is about to embark on a 652-mile expedition down the entire length of the Tennessee from Knoxville to Paducah, Ky. Along the way Modes will use video and audio to record the personal stories of people who live and work on the river.

Modes’ shantyboat is named Dotty, after his grandmother. The boat is built largely from reclaimed material. The 10-by-8-foot cabin is illuminated with oil lamps, and there is a propane cooking stove. The bookshelves are stocked with river-related works of fiction and nonfiction, and on the table sits a manual typewriter from the 1940s.

Modes expects it will take him two months to complete his journey. He’ll be accompanied by various crew members, as well as his faithful dog, Hazel. Along the way he’ll stop at river towns and start asking questions. He wants to meet fishermen, community members — anyone with a strong personal connection to the Tennessee River and its associated reservoirs.

“There’s a fair amount of archival history on the Tennessee River, but I want to know what is happening now, what people’s concerns are today,” Modes said. “I’m especially interested in people whose stories don’t make traditional histories, especially African Americans, Native Americans and women.”

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Learn more about Wes and his great project here.  Interesting story.

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