Wes Modes Shantyboat

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Shantyboat on the Tennessee River

We are in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee where the weather is perfectly warm, the water is cool, there are afternoon summer rain showers, and the people talk with a slow drawl.

BenzyHazel, and I arrived on Saturday with no major incidents to our surprise. High-fives were in order.

It took us a bit to find a launch. We were under the impression that there was a launch at the Volunteer Landing Marina. Nope. But a marina employee talked us to the launch under a nearby bridge. He didn’t know any of the street names (such memorable names as “Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Drive”, “Honor Our Troops Drive” and “Riverside Forest Way”), so navigation was amusing.

We went down the pre-launch checklist that Jeremiah and I made last year. “Unhook the tie-downs. Open all the curtains. Attach bumpers.” Then we went over The Plan for the launch.

It went into the Tennessee River easy peezy.

The parking lot near the launch had no parking prohibitions and apparently no time limits — an inconceivable situation to Californians. So our truck has just been parked there with our trailer.

We motored the boat down river a bit to the Volunteer Landing Marina and squatted the end of a dock. We settled in quite nicely, finally able to put the boat in order and get some work done.


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Originally posted 2016-06-29 08:19:51.

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