Wes Modes: Good Article

This is a pretty good article.   The person can write, and makes this interesting for all.

From  Knoxville Mercury :

“What the hell have I gotten myself into?” is all I can think as I prepare to board the shantyboat Dotty. This thing doesn’t even look like it could float, much less survive a 652-mile trek down the Tennessee River. But here it is, motored in from California and plopped in the water at Volunteer Landing, ready to embark on the meandering, months-long journey ahead.


The homemade houseboat attracts voyeurs like flies. It basically looks like a shack on a raft, and by the simplest definition that’s what it is—a handmade vessel formed mostly from reclaimed materials: wood salvaged from the landfill, a repurposed 100-year-old chicken coup, and an assortment of found objects from federal mining claim signs to aging single-pane windows and a rusty ol’ tin roof. Paddle boarders venture over from the nearby landing for a closer look. Jet skis pass and circle for a double-take, a sight to be repeated by swarms of maritimers in the coming days and weeks. A boating enthusiast walks out onto the dock at Volunteer Landing Marina intent on learning specifics about its construction. Did you buy that thing? No, we built it. What’s the hull made of? Mostly douglas fir and fiberglass. What kind of motor you got on that thing? A late-’70’s Mercury, named Freddie.

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Originally posted 2016-07-22 11:16:20.

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