Waterlodge Build

From the wesbite:  http://littleshantyboat.blogspot.com/   –  We are building the stringers, which are longitudinal frames.  Also, struggling with epoxy.

Build Day: Epoxy is Stressful 


You know the scene at the end of any action movie where the hero has minutes to disarm the bomb, cutting the wires in just the right sequence or he blows up the 747 full of schoolkids?  Working with epoxy is just like that…

Built Day: Keel and Stringers


The process was more or less:  Lay out the pieces for fit on our plywood pattern; put wax paper under anything we didn’t want to be permanently adhered to anything below, temporarily screw down, as necessary; apply a thin coat of epoxy to both surfaces of every joint; apply a thickened coat of epoxy to one side of every joint; and finally fasten together all joints with stainless steel screws…

Originally posted 2012-07-15 07:28:11.

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