Waterlodge Build Continues

Wes says:  The Waterlodge build continues. Just finishing up the hull.

*Build Day: Fiberglass Fill Coat*


Since by now we are grizzled veterans of fiberglassing, the work was not

so stressful and only required a team of two. And each work day when we

returned, we could still see the texture of the cloth through the

previous coat. So we were obligated to add another finish coat.

Rinse. Repeat.



*Build Day: Fiberglass Finish Coats*


The texture of the fiberglass cloth was still visible, so weput three

more coats on after the fill coat. The Finish Coat, the Aren’t We Done

Yet Coat, and the Good Lord Please Let This Be The Last Coat.


*Build Day: Hull UV Protection*


Fiberglass over plywood is ridiculously tough. There are wood and

fiberglass boats still around after 50 years. However, fiberglass has

an Achillis Heel — sunshine. Fiberglass rapidly degrades with exposure

to UV rays.

Originally posted 2012-09-18 06:38:30.

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