Wanna Build a Boat? Here’s Advice.

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Any last words?
Think about why we want a boat at all. Most of us want to get to Magic Harbor safe, sound and stylin’. We want to drop our hook, and settle in to enjoy some peace and quiet with our amenities close at hand. Maybe do a little fishin’. A nice view? Yes, please!
We don’t plan to sail around the world against the trades, win the America’s Cup, or keep up with Jones, over there, who just plunked a quarter mil on a boat he’ll use precisely once. We don’t want to waste our precious lives on spit and polish.
We want a boat that we’ve built with our own two hands without having to sell one of the kids or take a freaking decade or suffer a divorce.
Whatever design you settle on, have fun with the process. But DO get out there… we’re none of us gettin’ any younger.

And while we are at it.. take a look at what he says about PD racers…

Bonus Section on Puddle Duck (PD) Racer Variations

What are PD Racers?
Puddle Duck Racers are the brain-child of Shorty Routh. They are rectilinear in plan view and the bottom curve of their sides is defined in profile. That’s about it. Visit www.PDRacer.com for full details.
I, who have not the least twinge of racing mentality, am very excited about PD Racers. They’re fun, accessible, create community and draw people to the water.

What have they got to do with TriloBoats?
The PD bottom profile is compatible with TriloBoat upper hull and plan view specifications.
New classes of PD Racers are open for definition by whomever completes hull #1. All that is required is that they be scale variations of the original PD Racer proportions (length, breadth and height may each be scaled independently). Visit www.pdracer.com/variants for the rules for declaring a new class of PD Racer.
This means that you could slap a scaled bottom profile onto any TriloBoat size and define a new PD racing class. Or, if someone has already defined the class, you can build to their specs and race them, head to head.
What are the pros and cons of altering a TriloBoat this way?
Pros are that they have a shot at being somewhat faster than a standard TriloBoat (the bow curve is extended to amidships and the aft curve nearly so… the dead-flat is confined to 1/8 of the overall length), and that you can race them with others in your class.
Cons come with increased building time and material waste. Transverse planking will still be mostly whole-sheet, same as a TriloBoat. But the longer curves mean that the rectangular, box mid-section is compromised. Straight chines can’t be used, and much more spiling, layout and cutting of sides and interior furnishings will be necessary, creating waste in the process. PD variations are still relatively simple boats to build, but there will be a substantial difference.
Also, your displacement will drop, relative to a standard TriloBoat (you’re cutting away hull with longer, shallower curves).
A (probably) neutral difference is that PD Racers are nearly full rocker. They may pitch a bit more and be harder to move on rollers, but their bottoms will be somewhat stronger and you might be able to back them off a grounding easier (depress the stern, raise the bow).
Lastly, the variation will only truly pay off if others build to your new rules. Unless they do, you’re just a “lone duck”.
Is there anything special to consider in choosing my scales?
Yes. There is likely to be a distinct difference between boats designed as light, open racers versus heavier cabin cruisers. The latter will need to have a scale chosen that keeps the transoms well clear of the water when heeled. Be careful that cruising qualities aren’t marred by the variation.

Tell ya what I’m gonna do…
If you would like assistance in developing a PD/TriloBoat class, contact me. I’ll work with you, draw up your lines and, once you’ve completed your hull, post them, free of charge for other PDT builders in your new class.
If you prefer to work on your own, please let me know once you’ve built, and I’ll post your class lines with the relevant hull size and/or link to your site.
Just remember that only those who complete a hull may declare a new class of PD Racer.

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