Vintage Plans: Partio Boat


They claim this boat will take your family on luxury cruises in semi-sheltered waters.

While perhaps the style doesn’t exactly evoke luxury in a 21st century sense of the word, fun would be a word that works. ¬†Fun Cruises.

The design, while practical and utilitarian to some degree, it seems dated even for it’s time… 1978. ¬†There’s something here, though!

Find more vintage plans at Svensons.





Originally posted 2011-10-15 07:33:41.

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  1. I’ve seen plenty of these and similar over the years and there’s absolutely nothing efficient about them. It’s a barge, with a huge top hamper. It’s build method is heavy and requires a lot of bits and pieces. If you have a look at the BOM, you’ll see it’s way over built, so also very heavy for what it is. There are taped seam builds of this sort of thing that will weigh considerably less, improving efficiency and lowering build costs. Lastly, that flat roof and plumb cabin sides will be weak, tend to collect and store water and not shed it as prefered, consider revisions in these regards.

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