Vermont Freight Launched

At last report this boat was for sale.  But here’s a “classic” post from the past.

Site Report:


by Vermont Rice


It is  It is with great pride and relief I can now report that Ceres is in the water and bobbing at anchor in Kingsland Bay.  This past week Jordan and I have been working full-tilt to get ready to launch.  We installed oak rubrails and completed the cargo hatches, made sliding companionway hatches and windows, and hung a barn-door style rudder and bent a tiller to fit it.  Yesterday, the day of the launch I was up at 5:30 lettering the stern and touching up paint.

Around 9:30 we  hit the road, with Erica as vanguard escort and Jordan, Robin and Julien on deck.  Our 34 hp kubota tractor could pull the boat adequately (we estimate the unloaded weight to be over 6000 lbs) but had to downshift to make it up hills.  We got a lot of friendly waves along the 7.6 mile back road journey.  We took back roads to keep our oversize-load boat off route 7.  The town of Ferrisburgh considers us an “agricultural vehicle,” which I suppose we are, after all, and we were towed by a tractor.  Anyway, we encountered little traffic and made it to the boat ramp at South Slang on Hawkins Road in about an hour.


The launch itself went very smoothly, the only problem being that the running gear itself floats (I guess that is why those big round tires are called “floatation tires”) and we had a little trouble getting Ceres to slide free of it.  However a little shuffling maneuver with the tractor, one that’s very familiar to anyone who has used a baker’s peel to load a loaf or a pizza into a hearth oven, was all it took,  A few shuffles later Ceres was floating free!


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