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Paleotool’s Weblog:  I can safely say that plans for this wagon began to formulate about six or seven years ago.  After reading “The English Gypsy Caravan” I was very impressed by this type of wagon as it evolved in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  Though not designed by the travelers themselves, they were being catered to by a few ingenious builders in Britain.  Parallel to this, the Continentals and Americans were creating their own versions of rolling homes in the form of Conestogas, Roulettes, Sheepherder’s, and Showman’s wagons.  I read all I could about this but, until recently, there was little on the internet on this subject.  I sifted old “Popular Mechanics” type articles and read what I could find about early home built RVs.  My final design is certainly not perfect but fit within the very tight parameters I set for myself, including budget.  Small, light, and relatively cheap were important as were ascetics and traditional building techniques.  Unlike modern RVs where people may spend large quantities of time inside the structure, I want this to be used more like early pioneer or “Gypsy” wagons where most of the actual living is done “outside”.  The teardrop RV community has taken this to heart, often with a very modern and high-tech design, including microwave ovens, television and entertainment centers, and very modern kitchens.

A few month and a few thousand miles of use helped determine the layout and location of small shelves, containers, and equipment around the wagon.  In such a small space, every inch counts.  A dedicated shelf was made for holding a Deitz lantern.  This was a major decision as I was concerned about keeping … Read More

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