Update from Capt’n Natural

From Capt’n Natural:

This is the updated version of my “Huckleberry Houseboat” that I have been livin’ on and modifying since 2007 here in Florida.This most recent refurbish has taken him to a new level and hopefully he’ll be afloat for many years to come. You can see all the progress on my FB page, and follow along on my adventures.

I built on to an Old Town canoe in the middle and a few years back added the 2 fiberglass pontoons. A far better float than the bamboo and styrofoam pontoons I had previously. There are all kinds of wood used, like cedar, oak, pine, ash, cypress, bamboo, and whatever else happened to work. It’s been a labor of love, and at times one of necessity.

I really enjoy seein’ all the shanties you show on this page, and hope ya keep up the good work!

Capt’n Nat

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