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Dave Zeiger and Anke Wagner are truly living the shantyboat life.    Living in Alaska, their time on the water is limited to the warmer months, but their frugal and full life continues on land each winter.   Dave makes the most of his time on land, and shares his efforts online at and at

They’ve chosen to build this boat…a T32x8 LUNA:

T36x8 LUNA


And they are certainly making progress:

triloboat barge

Dave’s also come up with a Triloboat style Shantyboat, and it looks just great to me:

trilo shanty

While this boat wouldn’t work for the kind of cruising he does in Alaska, it looks perfect for a lot of other situations.  His plans assume a bit of knowledge, but with a boat like this you can gain a lot of that knowledge by studying his sites for a few days, then just diving in, assuming you have done SOME wood working.   Heck, if you are clever, you can probably spend a few more days reading his pages… and then dive in even if you’d done virtually NO wood work.

At $15, these plans are worth buying whether you think you are going to build one or not.   They are basic, but well thought out.  They include dimensions, layout, wood buying list, and some detail on building the frames, hull and roof.  I have purchased MANY of the plans he offers, and even though there is some overlap, consider them to be money VERY well spent.

I’ll be sharing some of his posts and boats in the next few days.



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  1. Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for the kind words!

    A few minor corrections:

    Anke kept her last name of Wagner.

    We’re building a T32x8 (rather than a T36). Our ‘evolution’ was a little hard to follow, but we reigned in our ambitions.

    The last few winters, we have been working as care-takers ashore, but it’s finances (working toward the new boat) that keep us off the water, not the weather. Normally, we sail year round… while the weather can get wild, winter sailing is often some of the best and most beautiful!

    Again, thanks for spreading the word!

    Dave Z

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