Triloboats: Many Hands Make Light Work. Ideas.

Another excellent article by Mr. Triloboat!

“Maybe I should be satisfied with two arms, hands and opposable thumbs. But most days it just doesn’t seem enough – even with a bucket of clams to back us up.

So here’s a few ways to give ourselves a hand.

Wedge Clamp ViceThis bar clamp works by setting up wedge pressure at the variable end against a block fixed at the far end.

Our first workbench featured this system, cut in half. The far end was bolted under our work surface with the variable end protruding. The bench edge acted as the fixed block. In actual fact, the ‘variable’ end, in our case, was fixed at an angle that matched the wedge (block and wedge cut from a wide, 2x plank).

Our Q&D mentor turned us on to workbenches made from pallets. Any number can be joined by sliding 2×4 stock longitudinally between the slats before adding legs to any comfortable height. Two or three usually does the trick. Can usually find them free for the asking.

It’s easy to clamp, anywhere, and circular saw cuts into the slats are no big deal (cut clear of nails, though!). Just swap ’em out as necessary. For a solid surface, we find it’s easiest to lay down a square of plywood.

While any pallets can be used, look for those with slats of uniform height and check that their longitudinals are undamaged and have good grain.


This is just the tip o’ the iceberg!

Try scrolling down these image search returns for DIY clamps. Lots of great ideas out there. Wood and wedge, nut and bolt, even PVC springs!

We don’t need most or all of them, by any means, but it’s amazing how often an idea tucked away comes in handy, one day.

Handy, handy!”

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