Triloboats: What to build?

Excerpted from a Triloboats post:


“Anke and I have a set of priorities for live-aboard sailing that runs in clusters approximately as follows:

  • Ease and economy of construction — If we can’t get it built, it’s a pipe dream.
  • Ease and economy of maintenance — A) We’re lazy. B) We’d rather be sailing).
  • Ease and economy of operation — Ditto.
  • Fail safer — Hedge our bets.
  • Ultra-shoal draft — Opens up our world and safe harbors.
  • Single handling in all weather — If one of us is sick, hurt or otherwise occupied…
  • Reliable windward ability — We count on being able to make good to windward shy of storm force winds.

  • Relatively heavy displacement — We carry a lot of stuff.
  • Relatively high interior volume — For inside projects and hangin’ with friends.
  • Speed and efficiency under sail — Suckin’ hind teat.
Our solution has been box barge hulls sporting lee (off-center, actually) boards and simplified junk sails (on two+ masts).

Originally posted 2013-05-08 06:28:21.

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