Trailerable Shanty: Lisa B Good

It was a Sunday night in October of 2003 when Paul Browne first made available the plans to Lisa B Good, a trailerable shanty.   Paul died just a few years later, but his designs live on through the Internet.  Here is his first note about the design on the Yahoo Shantyboat group I created about ten years ago.  Paul was an active member and a good online friend.  Thank you Paul.  I am delighted to share these free plans. I know he would be proud that they are still in use.

It should be noted that this craft is only for very sheltered waters. The freeboard is VERY low. Even the huge wakes created by water skiers and jetskis could be a problem. I highly recommend creating more freeboard by building a solid fence or wall around the decks instead of just railing. Several of these have been built and I haven’t heard of problems, but my own experiments in the backwaters shows that a huge wake can be a problem.

Free Lisa B Good plans.

“Ahoy there Shipmates,

In the files section of the group’s site, in the Geezer Boatworks
folder there’s a rather poor quality image titled LISA 15. (Yahoo
chopped the resolution on me. I’ll put a better image up on my
website.) It’s the general arrangement drawing for the finished
design of the little Shanty Boat “Lisa B. Good.” There’s also a Word
file called “Lisa Description”, which gives an overview of the design
in it’s current form. This boat is your design as well as mine.
Wouldn’t have happened without gentle criticism from folks in the
Shantyboat Group.

I’ve completed seven 11″ X 17″ drawings, covering enough of the
details to make construction straightforward. There’s also a set of
construction notes that goes with the drawings. So it’s finished
enough, and now I’m offering them to anybody who would like a set.
If you mail a note requesting drawings (and if you feel like it,
maybe telling me what you’re up to these days) for “Lisa B. Good” to:

Paul Browne
Orleans, ON
K1C 6S3

I’ll mail you a set free of charge. It’s my hobby folks. For now I’ll
even pay the postage. There’s only one catch. You have to send a
written request by mail. Don’t forget your return postal address.
Sorry, no e-mail requests. I’ll put this offer up on my website in a
couple of days.


Paul Browne”


Lisa B Good Videos

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  1. Has anybody actually completed a “Lisa B. Good” ?
    I see all kinds of comments about her….guys who have started one, but I’ve yet to see a posting with pictures that says “Here’s my completed Lisa B. Good”.

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