Toilets on Boats. A Pain in the..

Tiny homes, RVs, and boats all share one common challenge… toilets.   For the most part, none of them have real plumbing so you must make do… so to speak.   Here’s a collection of videos all about composting toilets, the good, the bad.

The notes with that video say:
You can watch this video to learn how to empty out your liquid and solid waste reservoirs in the C-Head composting toilet. This is the toilet that we use in our tiny houseboat, TinySol, or Wake with the Sun. Watch this video to see how the toilet works from “under the hood.”

Also, you can check out my other c-head toilet in the tiny house video… to have an introduction on how we used and installed the composting toilet in the tiny houseboat.

THIS video says… “We decided to install a composting toilet in our Vintage Airstream. Old trailers like ours did not come with gray water tanks so we decided to use the black tank as the gray then use a composting toilet. After looking at several manufactured units (Natures Head & Airhead) we decided to make our own.”


Originally posted 2016-04-20 18:53:10.

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