Tiny House Becomes Tiny Houseboat

Tour of the Tiny Houseboat, A Documentary - YouTube.clipular

How do you move a 13 foot wide houseboat (a tiny house on a boat) one mile down a road and into a lake?

From YouTube.com:   Take a tour of the tiny off the grid solar-powered houseboat, TinySol, or Wake with the Sun. Watch the solar-powered houseboat moving on a lake. See the kitchen, the utility closet, the toilet, the work area, and the bedroom. Learn about the exhaust fan used to cool the panels and learn about the passive heating for the hot water. See the latest features in the tiny house whose roof is made solely of solar panels, and that includes an outback inverter and charge controller and a Lithionics 48 V 100 amp hour battery.

Originally posted 2015-02-01 05:52:51.

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