The DIY Mandate: Do It Yourself!

By Rustin Wright

Never throw anything away you can’t retrieve at low tide.
Codger’s advice as passed on by Mike McConnell

I’m a sucker for manifestos… pithy declarations of basic principles. Here’s a brace of ’em for the DIY Revolution. Follow links provided for easier reading.

Like so many manifestos, they’re not a perfect fit… certain turns of phrase and assumptions, here and there, make me twitchy. But gotta love ’em for their enthusiasm – a trait essential to anyone who gets up on a soap-box and shouts the Truth as they see it. And good on ’em! I won’t quibble with their fine print.

Of course, I see it all through a particular – possibly peculiar – lens. But then, you’re here, reading this, so it’s likely one we share.

All this can apply to the low life on the water.

In many ways, these are clarion calls to go back to the future. A time when self-reliance was the rule, and not the exception. A time antedating extremes of specialization, when we were Jacks and Jills of all trades, masters of none. A time before the ‘attractive nuisance’, when use at your own risk was caution enough. It wasn’t by any means a Golden Age, but it had its silver linings.

The downside of manifestos is that they’re wordy. They’re hard to put together, in the morning after dancing in the streets. So we need a slogan to sum it all up and chant at the running-dog corporatarians… Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.


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Originally posted 2016-03-05 19:08:40.

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