How Small is Too Small? 9 Tiny Feet

nine one

Michael Jantzen designed a house (using Google SketchUp) with nine-square feet of floor space. It has room for a lavatory, sink, heater, bed, chair, fold-down table, and storage.   It’s an exercise in extremes.


“I came up with the size by asking myself how what the absolute minimum amount of space would be needed for someone to live. I did a quick calculation in my head of the amount of space I took up while laying down and came up with nine square feet.”

The 24″ by 54″ interior is enough to pack in all the things a home needs; the mini kitchen is complete with a mini cooler, sink and stove; a drain sits at the floor and shower to help keep space to keep clean; and a small vented sawdust toilet is tucked under the seat. However, the interior needs to be water-tight for the shower to work.

The entire cabin is powered by a 12-volt solar electric system with solar panels on the side and batteries tucked below. Two hinged panels of plywood bridges are located in the middle of the cabin to provide sleeping quarters.

Rainwater is collected in a small tank located on the tongue of the cabin and a grey water reclamation soil-box is postioned at the side making the cabin truly self-sustaining. The space avoids a boxy feel with the bay windows that are also able to help reduce wind resistance when under tow. While it may be just a bit too heavy to pull with a bike, the cabin is a true portable living arrangement that sufficiently answers the question of how to live frugally.
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nine two


So, it is an exercise in extremes… and some might say, silliness.   But can you imagine a boat with this house in mind?   A raft? A simple scow hull?

Or don’t be so extreme, double the size, go crazy.  Triple the size, oh my god, you are a madman!   Still mighty small, and perhaps a “boat” worth thinking of?

That’s up to you.

Originally posted 2016-04-23 18:02:41.

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