Shantyboat on the Ohio

One Couples Shantyboat Journey

From the website Madison Monday:
This week, a friend and I were talking about how to live a simple life amid all the stuff that seems to need to get done. Jobs, spouses, children, meetings, cleaning, laundry, cooking…How do you get rid of all the stuff? How do you reduce the number of hours we spend doing things that afterwards seem like a waste of time? How do you pare it down to the most important things? I don’t know if building a shantyboat and floating down the Ohio River is the solution I’m likely to pursue, but I can certainly see the temptation.

Newspaper Story:  Nearly three months ago, a Pennsylvania couple began their journey down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh on their self-made raft, headed to wherever the river led them.

The small boat with its black pirate flag and tarp covering was docked at Henderson’s riverfront Wednesday afternoon, gaining lots of attention from folks in the area.

Faith Audens, 20, and her boyfriend Mike Vorrasi, 24, are used to sharing their story with curious locals while making stops along the Ohio.

Audens said it took them about three months to construct the raft, which is made mostly of wooden pallets. It floats on empty barrels. They used several tarps to create a canopy covering that is especially useful when it’s raining.

She said there was never a specific reason for building the raft or making the trip other than “for the heck of it.”

“Right now, everyone likes convenience,” Audens said. “But you…. read more.

Originally posted 2016-06-14 22:08:59.

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