Designs – Millie Hill One

Millie Hill Version One


 The Designer says:

“Have you always wanted a waterfront getaway but couldn’t afford the luxury? This cozy retreat is our answer to the problem. Winter, spring, summer or fall imagine yourself anchored in some beautiful backwater in this little vessel. Equipped with a wood cook stove and galley you can catch or bring in the ocean’s bounty or something from Safeway. Have the guys down for a weekend of duck hunting or poker and a pot of chili on the stove. She sleeps four with the settees converting into double berths. The head has a shower and private entrance with a wet hanging locker. There is a dry locker closet near the front deck area. The galley has full standing headroom with comfortable sitting headroom in the settee area for reading, writing or card-playing. The front deck has screening for ventilation in the summer and canvas awning for covered dry storage while on board.

If you don’t want to leave Millie in the water all winter, bring her home on a flat-bed trailer and use her for a guest room during the holidays. However you use this boat, use your imagination and you’ll find that you will also long for a private little get away, easy to keep and easy to keep up.”

Shantyboat Living Comments:




  1. Designed by a major wooden boat designer.
  2. High quality plans.
  3. Somewhat easier to build than many, even for the first time builder.
  4. Standing headroom in portions of the boat.
  5. Design includes many of the basic elements.
  6. Design would be one of the easier ones to modify.
  7. Small draft and flat bottom makes  the boat suitable for shallow water and means the boat will sit flat if the tide goes out.




  1. As she is drawn she is a plane Jane.
  2. Size makes it somewhat of a challenge to tow.
  3. Could have better liveability if stretched to 24 feet.

Inspired by simple designs such as the Retreat by Atkins.


Plans and study plans can be downloaded or mailed.

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