Harry Bryan Shantyboat

Harry Bryan Shantyboat Plan #11

Designer says:  This design was created for our own dream, a dream we have by no means abandoned but have only set aside for a while. We imagine an early Spring day on the coast of the Carolinas or Fall in the Chesapeake with the wood stove going, a good book for gray days and a double paddle canoe ready when the sun shines.

LOA 20’
Beam 10’3”

Hull type: Flat bottomed scow
Construction: Two layer glued cedar hull, clapboard sides, plywood roof.
Intended capacity: Double berth and single settee/berth.
Propulsion: 8-20 hp. 4-stroke outboard

Skill needed: Basic to intermediate
Lofting required: Minimal
Alternative construction: Plywood

Plans are minimal and consist of two 24″x 24″ sheets.
1. Profile and layout.
2. construction details.

Cost per set; $85  plus $20.00

Shantyboat Living Says:


I think it’s a cute and practical design, derivative of the Atkins Retreat.  However, as I was working my way through possible designs my wife took a look and she didn’t care for this one.   She didn’t like the lines, the sideview.   To each their own.  In fact, the next time she saw it she thought it cute and had no recollection of having thought poorly of it.   There are a couple of design ideas worth adding to another other plan, including the standing platform over the outboard.



  1. The plans are cheap.  Well, now the plans have gone from $25 to $85 plus $20 for shipping.  While not “cheap” now, they still seem reasonable.
  2.   The basic elements are all there.
  3.   As drawn many would find this attractive.




  1. This may not be the best for your first build.  Those beautiful curves do complicate things.
  2. The hull construction is Two layer glued cedar hull with clapboard sides. Not the easiest way to build a boat by any means. The site says alternative construction is plywood, but at this point I don’t know if that is included in the plans.



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  1. I have collected vintage travel trailers for years however something has been missing.I guess there is a reason I call myself Vintage Trailer Sailor, I just need to change surfaces on which I travel. These boats are very similar to old travel trailers.

  2. This is a beautiful boat, I absolutely adore the lines and I can see the craftsmanship, wish there were more pics.

    I’m looking for something like this that I can use on the Yukon River by Dawson City. The downside of water travel here is the river moves at about 8 knots so obviously going against the current will take some serious power. I did own a 16′ flat bottom riverboat with a 25 hp outboard. It did quite well going up river.


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