New Shantyboat Launched!

51eb8011f92ea1be9a0001baFrom  “No, there’s not some impending flood about to hit the city, but that didn’t stop one local man from building an ark-like boat this summer.

Paul Reynolds, 77, has spent the past few months building his very own ark; a shanty boat. The lifelong boater said the inspiration to build the new watercraft came from his wife, Fran Reynolds, 76.

“We had to give up the sailboat because it’s just getting to be too much work and his balance is getting bad,” said Fran. “So when I saw a picture of a shanty boat, I thought, he can build that. He can build anything.”

Paul is known, by friends and family, for his ability to build things. He built a skiff, a small row boat, and most recently transformed a camper trailer into a trailer for his new boat.

Beginning back in November, just after Thanksgiving, Paul began cutting the wood for ribs for the frame of his boat. By January, he was assembling the boat in his family’s Quonset hut.

“I began with the prefabbed framework and ribbing,” he said. Working tirelessly, he added multiple barrier coats, keels, and eventually bottom paint. He spent the next seven months building the boat into a 27-foot long, 8-foot wide, and 10-foot tall masterpiece.

Over the past few weeks, he has”…. READ MORE

Originally posted 2013-07-20 22:32:48.

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