Shantyboat Journey on Michi

From Pierce County Herald:

Two Maine artists are making a full-length trip down the Mississippi River this summer with the goal of documenting the changing flow of the river and its people.

Morgan Rogers and Emily du Houx, both of Maine, recently completed their handbuilt shanty boat and set off on their journey Monday, July 11, in St. Paul with plans to reach New Orleans by early September.

They named their boat Michi Zeebee, the Native American name for the Mississippi.

But the hybrid shanty boat is more than a boat or artistic creation, “it’s a vehicle for collecting stories,” du Houx said.

Following the footsteps of countless explorers, opportunists and workers, the Maine duo will also collect and document people’s stories as well as showcase their work as they drift downstream over the course of two months.

Among the questions they hope to …. read more

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