Shanty Boats: And So it Begins

…. There were lots and lots of boat plans we looked at, but these are the ones for which study plans were readily available.

In the end it came down to confidence that the boat designer could adequately communicate to us what we needed to know to build a boat. Our choice came down to small details. There were designs that had a centered cabin or one pushed a bit back toward the stern — we leaned toward the latter. There were designs that had covered decks versus open decks — we went with covered decks. There were designs that called for twin rakes fore and aft, and designs that had very little rake in back — we were drawn to the latter. We understood that all these things could be modified in the plans, but were not confident in our ability to freestyle from the designer’s intentions.

A few boat designers and builders suggested Glen L. Witt’s Boat Building With Plywood as a great guide to understanding plywood boats. I picked it up first through inter-library loan at the local university library, read it, and, when it seemed like such an indispensable volume, bought it online. Step-by-step, every aspect considered. Sober and serious and refreshingly frank, the tone was perfect for what and how I wanted to learn. I was impressed by Glen L. Witt’s ability to describe the nitty-gritty of boat building.   (Read More at Link Below)


Boat Plans: Choices Made and Not Made

via Shanty Boat by Bob Elderberry on 5/4/12

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