Secret History of American River People Update

Originally funded by Kickstarter, this amazing project now has a history itself.  Here’s a classic repost.  Know that they are getting set to go out again.   Support them on their site.   From their blog:

“Preparing the Shantyboat – A huge TODO list for the Tennessee River

We’ve been working like mad to get the boat ready for the Tennessee River. We pulled the boat into drydock at the Santa Cruz Harbor Boatyard. Here is our untidy worksite.


There were lots of little things that needed doing, but only a few big important things: sealing the leaky motor well, refinishing the bottom, and fixing the messed up roof.

For two years, on two major expeditions, the motor well took on water and decreased our buoyancy. So we unfastened it, removed all the old caulk, and recaulked the crap out of it.

hrp2 hrp3

Meanwhile, we were also sanding the bottom of the boat, removing dead zebra mussels, and repainting it. Jeremiah took a hit for the team and spent an afternoon or two under the boat getting covered in toxic grit.

hrp5 hrp4

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Originally posted 2016-06-12 23:10:03.

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