Sailing Scow Launch

Crystal River Boat Builders.
The launch of SPIRIT a replica of a 19th century sailing scow.


It is likely boats of this sort, during the early and mid 1800’s were built near shore with the shore being a natural mud and or sand river bank. The boats were maneuvered down the banks on their own bottom or the bank dug out to help float the vessel. We have a slightly different problem. Because we wish to preserve the boat we want to protect the anti-fouling bottom paint so the boat sits on a carriage with skids attached.

While the boat was built very near shore the banks are hardened with rock making a launch there impossible. The site does have an old concrete boat ramp, far from ideal but we hope workable.
Wanting to come as close to using possible period methods we are choosing to pull the scow to the ramp then gently(?) push it down the ramp. We know we can move the boat on level ground so should have little problem getting it to the ramp. Once completely on the ramp we hope for something between an avalanche and an immovable object. The trickiest part is the “tilt” when the boat goes from level ground to ramp grade.

Another project:   Building a late 1800’s 70 foot wooden scow schooner, from plans obtained from the Smithsonian, where unique programs will be introduced for at-risk youth. See Indiegogo

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