River Tour Continues

Classic repost from MuscatineJournal.com: MUSCATINE, Iowa — California artist Wes Modes and his Australian cattle dog Hazel are on an expedition down the Mississippi River this summer in a homemade shanty boat and have docked in Muscatine for a few days.



Modes, who teaches at the University of California, Santa Cruz, is collecting stories of the river and the people who live in the communities along it as a part of a multi-year art and history project titled “A Secret History of American River People.”

The pair pulled into Muscatine on Thursday and plan to spend several days learning about the community and hopefully talking with local residents about life on the Mississippi.

He started last summer in Minneapolis and got as far as LaCrosse, Wisconsin. This June, he took off from Winona, Minnesota, and plans to end his journey in St. Louis, Missouri, weather-permitting.

He has been documenting his travels with a blog on his web site http://peoplesriverhistory.us. Anyone wanting to share stories….  Read More

Originally posted 2016-06-20 22:34:48.

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