My PuddleDuck Scow Build Makes Progress

More than 100 billion people have died before me, yet, like many of us, I hadn’t completely grasped what that meant, until now.  Well, at least I have a glimmer. It’s about time and how it is always slipping away. Most days of our lives come and go simply to become another; most sunsets go unnoticed, bird songs go unheard, and the miracles of life elicit a yawn. One day into the next, as though our time was unlimited.

It isn’t, and it took my retirement from a lifelong career to take heed.

It’s the big transitions that wake us up, the profound changes and significant milestones, most often just as they hit. Graduation. Marriage. Children. Death. Retirement!

After 37 years at my current employer, about 30 of them full time, I am now down to my final 16 work days as a manager. For decades the changes toward retirement were minuscule, and it seemed it would never come. Now it’s almost here, and looking back I now realize it all happened in a mere moment.

Notice. Do something. Make the most of this miracle.

That is a part of my drive for adventure and learning. It’s a gift we can’t let slip away.

So I build another boat, which is the perfect thing for me to do right now, for as I build a boat, that’s all I do. I am alive only in that moment, not in the fears of what could be or in doubts of what I have done. There is no better gift for those that ruminate. I notice the wood, the glues, the grain, the tools, the progress.  And I love learning as I build.

This boat is a simple Puddle Duck, by design a boat anyone can build, no matter their talents or the balance of their bank account.

I’ll be sharing more in the next few weeks, and you can check out my past Adventure Sailing posts.

Here are the plans I’ve used:

Here’s today’s progress.

My adventure.  Today I notice, today I am doing something about it.

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