PuddleDuck Scow 244 – A Big Weekend

Inertia is the enemy of progress in any boat build.   This weekend, I kicked inertia in the ass.

Though I started this little Scow 244 back around October of 2016, I didn’t touch it for months.  Work was becoming a nightmare, then some upheaval and, finally, my retirement… on my own terms.  Now instead of working five days and having two days off, if I am lucky, I’ll swap those numbers around, working no more than 2 days a week.

It was the prospect of a Summer of sailing that got my butt in gear, and a conscious effort to push myself over the hump, to move myself forcibly up and out to actually get something done.   It was work… and it worked.

Today I was able to spend somewhere around 5 hours on the boat, which I used to give the superstructure, such as it is on a Puddleduck, a few well-placed curves.   The designer did a great job giving this little boat a bit of pizzaz, a tough task in 8 feet.   At this point, the plans were a guide, not a mandate, as I made do with the plywood I had, and laid out a line that just looked right.  I’d call it a success, and as it turns out, I ended up pretty close to design.

First off, this is what I am building, the Scow 244 from Jérôme Delaunay.

Which gives you an idea of what this will become:

It’s worth noting that not all parts are glued in yet.  Several, at the time of this photo, were just resting in place, so weren’t straight or cinched in.

It feels SO good to get something done!

I’ve been thinking a bit on color.   With the “Chinese Junk” sail, I could do with that theme.

Perhaps I could include graphics?

Found here.

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