Puddle Ducks and Escargot

First off, a look back at an adventure from 3 years ago on my Escargot, which I call Shambala.  Past posts here.

It is light enough to be able to tow with my Chevy Malibu.   Here I towed from Seattle to the sloughs north of Everett, Washington.

I love sitting inside, looking up into the sky above the hatch while I sit in the shade reading.

Scow 244 Puddle Duck

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time working on my little boat, as I retire in 8 more work days, and I’d LOVE to go sailing on my first day of retirement.  It may not happen, but I will TRY.

Here is a recap of progress:

Late today I test fitted the front deck.  Check out past Puddle Duck posts.


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