Puddle Duck: Small Bits Take the Longest

I only got to work on the Scow 244 for a couple of hours today, and I was reminded that sometimes all that little “stuff” in a boat project can take one hell of a lot of time.

Before I install decking I need to finish up all the filleting I’ve decided to do, using epoxy filleting compound.   It spreads on like peanut better and turns as hard as a rock.  Also seals compartments.  The best thing is, it covers up small errors! 😉  See above.

I also installed some of the pieces that will allow me to enclose the floatation chambers.

This is my first take on the decorative/functional bit on the bow.  I think it is too small.

 My son was in boat building school and found a used sanding machine that was HUGE… and runs on 220.   SUPERB for making that this sort of thing.  It looks something like this:

See it on the front of the boat?

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