Propane Tank Pontoons?


Unusual Houseboat Question

As a first time poster I’ll try to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible, but I do need advice/opinions from those in the know. I’m a 61 y.o. who needs to return to the saltwater. Pirata doesn’t care where we live as long as he gets fed.I plan to build a 14′ X 30′ “studio apartment” retirement home on a 14′ X 44′ floating platform built using propane tanks welded together end to end with sheet steel shaped and welded to form pointed bows.

The less expensive alternative is to buy several aluminum pontoon fishing boats and weld those together (the pontoons only) but all that are available within a reasonable distance seem to be only 24″ in diameter.

The plan is for a 3/4″ marine plywood deck, 2″ X2″ bulkheads, heavy vinyl exterior siding, 2″ X 2″ flat roof trusses, carpeted deck in the cabin, over 7′ headroom.

I’ll live aboard, tied to a floating dock on the South Texas Gulf Coast. Cruising will be minimal. Six years in the Navy and five years roaming Mexico have pretty well cured this country boy of long distance wanderlust.

The little question is: What minimum diameter tanks will I need? The big question is: Will this even work?

Thank you for your assistance and courtesy. I read the responses to another poster who felt some replies are a bit rude. I don’t see much of that compared to some forums I’ve read.

Originally posted 2011-12-06 08:56:12.

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