Propane Outboards?


Propane outboards now can be purchased through West Marine, as made by Lehr.  Multiple sizes.   Some claim Propane is a better alternative fuel than other fuel sources. Safe, reliable, it does not go bad, and emits much fewer harmful emissions than gasoline and/or ethanol.  No winterizing.

The world’s first propane-powered outboard marine engine. Great for sailboats, dinghies, tenders, fishing boats, pond prowlers, canoes and other small watercraft. Powerful 4-stroke engine uses 110 octane fuel but is eco-friendly and produces zero evaporative emissions. Easy, no choke start with no priming and no carburetor gum up. No winterizing! Runs on either 15.4oz camp stove cylinders, or 5 gallon grill cylinders.

Propane-powered Outboard Marine Engine, 5HP, Long Shaft

  • Model # 13499017   |   Manuf. # LP5.0L

Displacement: 112cc Weight: 52.8lbs. Shaft: 20″ Warranty: 3-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Here’s a video of another manufacturer that seems to have stalled out, but produced a video:

As BOATBITS says….


According to the specs, a 20# propane tank would give you 20 hours of use at full throttle… Not that I’m ever a full throttle kind of guy, but my guess is that this equates to being considerably more fuel efficient than a 2.5HP gasoline outboard.

Not much more expensive than a normal four-stroke outboard of the same horsepower, the added savings in fuel efficiency, lower cost of propane, and the savings in motor oil would be saving you some real money overall. As an added bonus, since almost all outboard problems are directly related to bad fuel it would save you money/time in a BIG way and be a lot more dependable as well!

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  1. Propane has been working fine for many years in fork-lift trucks and “normal” road vehicles. Plenty of conversions available for standard car engines. So why not for outboards? Lighter than a battery. Physically cleaner than petrol/ gasoline. Plus you can cook with propane without tainting the food taste!

  2. Good morning,
    I live in germany an had buy an 5 hp Motor in january.
    The Motor Is fine!
    But it make problems…
    It starts only After 15 or 20 Times to pur the starter…; and go out if I dont give gas.
    With my sailboatin the Harbour it Is very probably…
    I Sent the Motor to the Service, but the Problem Is still there….?

    Can you help me?
    Greetings from Germany

    H-J Fröhlich

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