Press: Building a Home on the Water, One Plank at a Time


Nestled in the shadows of downtown, adjacent to a row of rustic-looking, time-worn grain mills in Buffalo’s Ship Canal, Mike Weekes sat cross-legged on a floating wooden platform, toiling away on his houseboat.

He is about two weeks shy of a finished product – a houseboat equipped with the bare minimum in amenities, including a portable toilet, four beverage coolers and a grill.

It is the kind of boat that could serve as a full-time home for the low maintenance, and Weekes envisions entire waterfront communities living in houseboats patterned after his spherical abode.

A brief summer rain pelted Weekes as he worked, forcing the business consultant to quickly cover the unfinished, exposed dome roof of his creation with a tarp. He scaled a ladder and planted himself on two approximately foot-long wooden pilings as he made his way toward a rocky, gravel lot situated at the foot of hulking sand dunes.

“I would describe it as a Tom Sawyer flat boat with a cocoon on top,” Weekes explained after climbing into a car for shelter.

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Originally posted 2013-07-07 20:45:42.

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