Plans: Glen-L Huck Finn

(From the Glen-L Website) The HUCK FINN CABIN PLANS come in three sizes and are specifically designed for use with our Huck Finn and Super Huck pontoons. The construction methods used in these cabin plans assure you of the lightest weight cabin consistent with strength and simplicity of building. The 8′ CABIN can be used on any version from 20′ on up. The 12′ CABIN can be used on any model from 24′ on up. The spacious 16′ CABIN can be used on the 28′ on up.

Whichever cabin plan you select, you’ll get a comfortable cabin arrangement which offers full headroom up to 6′-5″ plus lots of light and ventilation. Each cabin plan features a full 3′ roof overhang at the front as well as a 4′ “porch” both front and rear as a minimum. And on Super Huck versions built to 10′ beam, you have a 12″ deck on each side. Every arrangement has a control console and facilities for a galley as well.

The construction of the cabin is basic. The simple framework uses ordinary materials and fastenings to cut costs. The CABIN PLANS provide all the details for the windows, framing, and outside covering. Also provided are dimensions for all cabinets, settees, and partitions, plus printed procedural instructions complete with Bill of Materials.

While the arrangements shown are recommended, the manner in which you equip your Huck Finn CABIN is up to your desires and requirements. However, remember that the Huck Finn and Super Huck pontoon units are not ocean-going freighters, so keep materials and equipment as light in weight as possible. Note that the weight of the cabin structure, plus everything aboard, must not exceed the load capacity listed for the particular pontoon version you are building. Be sure to check carefully the size of CABIN PLANS you want before ordering. Huck Finn Cabin Plans – From the Glen-L website.

Note: These CABIN PLANS do not include the plans and patterns required to build the basic Huck Finn or Super Huck pontoons and deck unit. These must be purchased separately Here.

Woodworking project

HUCK FINN 8′ CABIN – Floor Plan

Woodworking project

HUCK FINN 12′ CABIN – Floor Plan

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