Pico Boating: Selway Fisher 10

From the Pico Shantyboat series.

I bought plans for the Selway Fisher Micro 10.  There’s just something about boats like these that ring my bell.

Small is good.   This small?  Well..


Selway Fisher says:  Using the Micro 8 as a starting point l have drawn up a boat with 25% additional length which, in such a small craft, gives a lot of additional useful space for stores and simple creature comforts. Construction is just the same with simple stitch and tape used over a basic ply framework of fore and aft girder and bulkheads—l have tried to keep the overall construction weight to that of the Micro 8.

Some of the ballast is water and she uses a simple staysail type rig with controls led inside the boat along with the steering system.

LOD 10’ (3.05m); Beam 5’4” (1.63m); Draft 2’4”/4’3” (0.70/1.3m); Displ. To WL 3749lbs (1700kg); Approx. Dry Weight 1103lbs (500kg); Ballast 386lbs (175kg) of lead and 441lbs (200kg) of water; Sail Area 75.25 sq.ft. (7 sq.m)


Micro 10 Particulars

LOA 10′ 3.05m
Beam 5’4″ 1.63m
Hull Mid Depth 2′ 11 1/2″ 0.9m
Draft 2’4″/4’3″ 0.7/1.3m
Sail Area 75.25 sq.ft 7 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 1103 lbs 500 kg
Ballast 386 lbs lead + 441 lbs water 175 kg lead + 200 kg of water
Maximum Headroom 3’11” 1.18m

Hull Shape

Flat bottom plus 2 planks per side
Construction Methods Stitch and tape
Major plywood requirements for hull 13 x 6mm sheets
4 x 9mm sheets
4 x 12mm sheets
Guidance Use Long distance for 1 adult
Drawing/Design Package 8 x A1 drawings + 11 x A4 instruction sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans

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  1. I thought about building the Micro 10 but decided to go with the 8 instead. It’ll be cool to be able to tie up at the dock with the dinghies when re-provisioning. Your 10 will have more storage room for gear etc but, aside from the extra 6″ of headroom in the 10, “liveable” space is about the same on both. It’d be nice to be able to meet up one day and see how my junk-rigged 8 does against your staysail-rigged 10. We could share a cold beer on the dock afterwards and watch all the salties snigger at our little tubs! I think I’d rather enjoy that.
    Please fully document your build. I’ll be following it.

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