Pico Boating: The Options

Today we look at Selway Fisher’s Micro boats, specifically their first incarnation.. the Micro 8.  I started building the Micro 8, but life got in the way.  This is a “liveaboard” boat that could tie up for the night at the dinghy dock!

Micro 8:   This design has been drawn up for the same client who asked us to design the Simplicity 14 a number of years ago—this new design is to cater for the sailors who like to sail long distances in the smallest craft possible. She has large storage areas for FW and food as well as the kind of gear you need for extensive offshore work.

She has been designed to sail from inside the boat so that virtually all sail controls plus the steering lines are led inside.

Construction is simple stitch and tape plywood using epoxy filleting and tape and based upon a framework consisting of a central plywood fore and aft girder which is slotted together with the plywood frames/bulkheads and fore and aft transoms. 6mm (1/4”) ply is used for most of the construction and the hull skin consists of several layers of ply to produce a very tough hull.

LOD 8’ (2.44m); Beam 5’4” (1.62m); Draft (loaded) 2’11” (0.88m); Sail Area 81 sq.ft. (7.52 sq.m.); Dry weight 1103 lbs (500kg).

Note – the plans now show  Marconi rig and sliding hatch alternatives.

Micro 8 Particulars

LOD 8′ 2.44m
Beam 5’4″ 1.62m
Hull Mid Depth 3’8″ 1.1m
Draft 2’11” 0.88m
Sail Area 81 sq.ft 7.52 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 1103 lbs 500 kg
Ballast 551 lbs 250 kg
Maximum Headroom 3’5″ 1.04m

Hull Shape

Multi-chine U shape with 4 planks per side
Construction Methods Stitch and tape
Major plywood requirements for hull 15 x 6mm sheets
3 x 9mm sheets
3 x 12mm sheets
Guidance Use Long distance sailing for 1 person
Drawing/Design Package 9 x A1 drawings + 8 x A4 instruction sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans Bilge keel arrangement
Marconi rig
Sliding hatch
One has been built, but at last report it hasn’t hit the water.
I’ve ordered plans for the Micro 10.   I’m really stepping up in the world.  More Tomorrow.

Originally posted 2013-04-27 17:53:11.

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  1. I just bought plans for the Selway-Fisher Micro 8. I’m not a nutter or anything as dramatic as that. No “Around in Ten” challenge for me! I’m thinking of building her, sailing her down the ICW and then across to the Bahamas from the Keys to bum around the Caribbean for a few years. I have a carpet in my living room that is 8′-0″ X 5′-0″ which are the approximate dimensions of Micro 8 at maximum beam. I constructed some molds 3′-5″ high (Micro 8’s maximum headroom) and erected them on the carpet. I placed a beanbag chair against the “aft bulkhead” and sat in it to get an idea of her internal volume. Surprising! I bet she has more internal volume for stores and her one-man crew than traditional designs twice her length. In my philosophy, “smaller and simpler” wins, all other things being equal. Micro 8 should do it for me.

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