Pico Boating: The Frames Fall into Place

A classic repost:   So much regular life getting in the way of boat building… but that’s the norm, it seems.  Aging relatives… work pressure… a broken clothes dryer in the laundry.

I got back to it for a while today and mounted FRAME A.  And just to get the effect, I mounted the bow transom with a single screw.

In the picture it looks crooked, but it’s not.

Now I need to mount B and C, install some doublers… and then it starts to look like a boat.


A little more time for work, so I cut out the center of Frame B… where I will be sitting.  The yellow steel ruler is 6 feet long.  This is the widest part of the boat.

Originally posted 2013-06-27 23:55:57.

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